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Solve Problems Whilst You Sleep

Our understanding of sleep - and just how vital it is - has been transformed in the last 15 or so years.

And no one has been more at the forefront of this than Prof Russell Foster at the University of Oxford, where he’s head of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute.

One the discoveries Prof Foster has made is what our brain gets up to when we're asleep. It turns out it's hard at work when we're not...


Scientists have found that we actually solve problems in our sleep.

Indeed, a properly night’s sleep has the power to transform our problem-solving abilities from 20% to 70% after sleep.

"So much that allows us to function during the day is going on while we sleep and without sleep, our ability to function during the day falls apart incredibly quickly,” Professor Foster says.

This is because when we sleep, memory formation and consolidation takes place.


Any of one of these could be an indication that you're sleep deprived:

  • Are you reliant on an alarm clock or another person to wake you up?

  • Do you sleep in for too long at the weekend?

  • Does it take a long time for you to feel alert?

  • Do you need a nap or lots of caffeine to help get you through the day?

  • Have loved ones or colleagues ever commented on your changing mood?


Good sleep hygiene is key - so ditch the blue screens, caffeine and overstimulation before bed.

But if you want a botanical hand, Karmacist's Harvard and Stanford scientists have selected the 18 precise herbs, minerals and vitamins for better quality sleep - in the Relax Formulation.

Sleep well!

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