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Why take Karmacist?

Our formulations are utterly unique - designed by world-class scientists who have researched which of the incredible botanicals used for millennia can best support the demands of modern living.

Can I order from outside the UK and Channel Islands?

Right now, Karmacist only deliver to the UK and Channel Islands. But watch this space as we look to make our supplements available in more parts of the world. If you would like to be notified when international shipping starts, do contact us at

How long do orders take to be delivered?

UK and Channel Islands: 2-3 business days

Is same day delivery possible?

Not at this stage, but we are working hard on it.

What is your return policy?

We want you to love our products, but more than that we want you to love us. Whilst we are not liable for lost, damaged or stolen orders, we’ll always aim to find a satisfying solution for you by either refunding your order or issuing a voucher or credit towards the amount. If you need to return an order, email us within 28 days of placing the order at Please note shipping charges are non-refundable.

Am I able to track my order?

Not at this stage, but we are working hard on it.

How do the subscription options work?

You have the option to subscribe monthly or quarterly at a significant discount, so you don’t have to worry about reordering. And, crucially, it also reduces the amount of packaging being used.

Basically, your first order arrives in our glass jar - and subsequent supplements arrive in refill pouches.

How often will my products on subscription be delivered?

For our monthly subscribers, you will receive your first order in a glass jar. Between day 25 and day 28 days after that order, a monthly supply of capsules will be dispatched to you automatically in a refill pack - to empty into the glass jar.

For our quarterly subscribers, your initial order in two separate sets: a monthly supply in a glass jar and a 2-month supply in 2 refill packs - to empty into the glass jar. Between day 85 and day 88 days after that order, we will send you a subsequent 3-month supply of supplements in 3 refill packs.

Whether you are a monthly or quarterly subscriber, you will be charged the day you place your first order and on the day of dispatch of your subsequent refills.

Can I pause, delay or cancel my subscription plan?

If you need to pause, delay your next order or cancel your subscription, simply log into your account and click on the relevant button. Please make sure to do this within at least one working day of the dispatch date. Our warehouse team is super speedy, but once the order is placed we’re unable to intercept it.

Do I pay extra postal charges?

UK and Channel Islands: Postage is free

Are the supplements suitable for vegans?

Yes. All Karmacist formulations are suitable for vegans

Are the supplements halal or kosher?

Karmacist formulations do not contain any ingredient of animal origin, so all our formulations are suitable for halal and kosher dietary requirements.

Does the products contain any allergens?

Karmacist formulations do not contain allergens and are also free from: gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, synthetic fillers, and artificial colours and preservatives.

Are the supplements suitable for children?

No. Karmacist formulations are suitable for adult consumption only.

Are the supplements suitable if I am trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding?

Karmacist Energy Formulation is not recommended for pregnant women as it contains caffeine.

Karmacist Mood Formulation, Relax Formulation and Immunity Formulation do not contain caffeine, however, we would recommend that women who are planning a pregnancy, who are already pregnant, or currently breastfeeding discuss with their doctor before taking any of our supplements.

Can I take multiple supplements at once?

Each Karmacist formulation has been developed individually, by our scientists, to provide expert nutritional support for your health and wellbeing. Some formulations contain high levels of the same vitamins and minerals - so to help you pair our formulations in the best possible way, we’d recommend that you consider your primary goal, and then take one other Karmacist formulation as follows (avoiding the blacked-out squared combinations):

Mood Formulation

Energy Formulation

Relax Formulation

Immunity Formulation

Mood Formulation

Energy Formulation

Relax Formulation

Immunity Formulation


Can I take your products if I'm on medication?

We would always recommend you check with your doctor if you are on medication, or have an underlying health condition.

When will I feel the benefits?

Everybody is of course different, and each of us responds to supplements will vary depending on the formulation, whether we have taken supplements before, lifestyle and diet. As a rule of thumb, we would suggest that it can take two months to experience the benefits of our formulations.

Where should the products be stored?

Always store your supplements in a cool, dry place out of the sight and reach of young children.

Where are your products made?

Our supplements are made in the UK (in an English market town) using carefully-sourced ingredients from around the world.

Are your ingredients organic?

Although some of our ingredients are organic the formulations as a whole are not. Nonetheless, all our ingredients are sourced from carefully selected growers and suppliers.

Do your products contain GMO ingredients?

Absolutely not. All our formulations are free from GMO ingredients.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes. Karmacist supplements jars, shipping boxes, postcards, labels and refill pouches are 100% recyclable.

How can I recycle my packaging?

Our jars are made of (beautiful) glass and can be reused. If you need to discard them, both the glass jar and the aluminium lid can be widely recycled at home. Simply separate the lid from the jar, place them in your home recycling bin or take them to a recycling bank in your local area. Visit the Recycle now website to locate your nearest bank.