Brain balance makes every day better.

Everything we feel, every minute of the day - it’s all about the brain.

Whether we’re happy or down, full of confidence or on edge, energised or running on empty - it’s comes down to the (intricate) balance in our brains. Yet, the stresses and strains of modern life is throwing this balance out of synch for so many of us.

That’s why our passionate mission is help restore brain harmony - through cutting-edge nutritional science. To harness the natural power of nutrients - from plants and minerals - to give our brains what they need. So that we can be at our best - at home, at work, every day.


① Always dig deeper: relentlessly being led by the science - and the discoveries of the experts from around the worldscientists

② Supplements (we’d like to think!) can make a real difference to our lives - but they ideally are part of a wider lifestyle. We want to spread the latest findings around the lifestyles - such as diet - that can bring even greater mental balance

③ Community: we know that suffering can be isolating - and community can be restorative. We want to bring people together to lighten the burden of when you’re not feeling at your best. Brains are better together

Our Scientists

More about our pioneering professors

Dr Uma Naidoo, Harvard Medical School

Dr Uma is a leading figure in nutritional psychiatry, which explores the impact of nutrition on our mental health. It’s the subject of her bestselling book The Food Mood Connection. She is the director of nutritional and lifestyle psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and on the faculty at Harvard Medical School. Dr Uma has been asked by the American Psychiatric Association to author the first academic text on Nutritional Psychiatry.

She is also a trained professional chef and starts her day with a cup of turmeric-rich golden milk with fresh ginger.

“It’s been a tradition I’ve shared with my grandmother since childhood.”

Prof Vittorio Sebastiano, Stanford University

Prof Vittorio runs an eleven-person research lab at the Stanford School of Medicine in California, where he is an Epigeneticist, Stem Cell Biologist and Reproductive Biology expert. He has made several seminal contributions in Regenerative Medicine and has recently discovered a breakthrough approach for the treatment of ageing. Dr Sebastiano has received a number of prestigious awards – and is currently writing a book on genomics and ageing.

“What we’ve just discovered – and is amazing to see – is how changing the expression of certain genes can ‘rejuvenate’ any cell type of the body. This is going to have enormous repercussions for human health.”


Digging deeper is what we do.

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