Nature unlocked by science

We believe nature has so many of the answers for the stresses and demands of modern life.

You just need to know exactly where to look.

That’s why we’re using cutting-edge science to pinpoint which of the 391,000 species of plants in the world should be an essential part of our daily routine - so we can feel and perform at our very best.

Deep, deep wellbeing - formulated by nature. It’s what we call Big Karma.


From a professional sceptic on a personal mission

"I really don’t just swallow anything! As a documentary-maker and journalist who’s reported for the BBC and National Geographic TV, I’m the unlikely founder of Karmacist. But I’ve always had a passion for wellness - driven by my desire to take the edge off, and understand my own experiences of depression and anxiety.
"So when I came across inspiring scientists - and their amazing insights from merging botanics with a fascinating new field of science - it was something I felt compelled to share."

Tim Samuels, Karmacist founder


I take Mood in the morning to get going for the day - and Relax to unspool the mind before bed to quiet that over-thinking!


① Always dig deeper: our supplements are pleasingly free of BS, having been rigorously formulated by research-driven scientists

② Honour plant-power: we leverage nutrigenomics to harness the power of botanics used for 60,000+ years

③ Be passionately ethical: meticulously-sourced ingredients, no synthetic fillers, 100% recyclable packaging

Our Scientists

More about our pioneering professors

Dr Uma Naidoo, Harvard Medical School

Dr Uma is a leading figure in nutritional psychiatry, which explores the impact of nutrition on our mental health. It’s the subject of her bestselling book The Food Mood Connection. She is the director of nutritional and lifestyle psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and on the faculty at Harvard Medical School. Dr Uma has been asked by the American Psychiatric Association to author the first academic text on Nutritional Psychiatry.

She is also a trained professional chef and starts her day with a cup of turmeric-rich golden milk with fresh ginger.

“It’s been a tradition I’ve shared with my grandmother since childhood.”

Prof Vittorio Sebastiano, Stanford University

Prof Vittorio runs an eleven-person research lab at the Stanford School of Medicine in California, where he is an Epigeneticist, Stem Cell Biologist and Reproductive Biology expert. He has made several seminal contributions in Regenerative Medicine and has recently discovered a breakthrough approach for the treatment of ageing. Dr Sebastiano has received a number of prestigious awards – and is currently writing a book on genomics and ageing.

“What we’ve just discovered – and is amazing to see – is how changing the expression of certain genes can ‘rejuvenate’ any cell type of the body. This is going to have enormous repercussions for human health.”


Digging deeper is what we do.

So Karmacist sponsors Brilliant Brains - a podcast where our founder Tim dives deep into the minds of truly fascinating thinkers.